Dampiers Round

Moira leads the band, on her fiddle. She arranges the music and writes some of her own.

Peter plays guitar and bass footpedals.

Clare plays her flute and whistle.                                       www.DampiersRound.co.uk




  • Chris Dewhurst on accordion
  • Julie Dewhurst on accordion
  • Nick Dewhurst on drums

Shane and Julia Day

Shane and Julia


  • Shane Day on accordion
  • Julia Day on violin and keyboard

Kendal Green

Kendal Green


  • Ian Jones plays:-  accordion,   piano,  concertinas
  • Margaret Jones plays  recorder,  drums

Kendal Green’s website

Elaine Meechan & Brian Stone

Elaine & Brian


  • Elaine Meechan on keyboard
  • Brian Stone on fiddle