Folk in South Yorkshire (FISY)

What do we do?

We do folk dances from the 17th century up to newly composed dances, including the type of dance seen in “Pride and Prejudice”, and American Squares and Contras. If you have been to a Barn Dance or Ceilidh, you will recognise some of the movements but there will be a wider range of styles and music.

There are groups or classes who meet on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis and there are more details about these on the Regular Classes & Groups page in the events section. Some of the groups also run Saturday night dances, usually with recorded music. FISY puts on three Day of Dance events each year with a guest band and caller, each providing two afternoon workshops and an evening dance.

There will always be a caller to explain the dance movements and call them while the dance is in progress.

How do I join in?

Just come along and pay on the day for the classes or events that you attend – you don’t have to become a member or pay a subscription. The first session is often free! You do not have to attend every session – just come when you want to.

Dress code is casual, so just wear something comfortable, that you can move easily in – we recommend flattish shoes.

Although some of our dancers come as couples, many also come alone, so there is no need to bring a partner unless you want to. Families are welcome, but we recommend that children should be 6 or over.

Different dances are aimed at different ability and experience levels, but most require no prior knowledge of dancing. For more information on the different levels of each of our sessions, take look at the events section of the website or contact the caller.

We hope you will enjoy it – we certainly do – but the only way to find out for sure is to give it a try! If you would like more information, browse our website and our Facebook page, or contact one of the committee (see below).

Governance of FISY

FISY is organised by a committee, which is elected in October each year at the annual general meeting, which is held in Sheffield. The committee currently consists of:

  • Chairman: Anne Welch (email Anne at or phone on 0114 249325)
  • Honorary Secretary: Joan Fletcher (email Joan at or phone 01302 210363)
  • Honorary Treasurer: Brian Middleton (email Brian at or phone 0114 288 4046)